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(Cedar Rapids, IA  August 7, 2015)—Racing returned to Cedar Rapids’ Hawkeye Downs Speedway Friday night as Holiday Inn Express and Suites presented action in week thirteen of the Hy-Vee Racing Series.

But, there was more than just racing at Hawkeye Downs Speedway Friday night. The Hawkeye Downs community, or family if you will, came together not only to race or watch racing but also to pay tribute and honor Legends driver Joan Feller, who died as a result of a racing accident that occurred Friday July 31.

Prior to the races, a moment of silence was followed by the playing of a recording of Amazing Grace from a CD recorded by Joan in which she played all the instruments and sang.  During the national anthem every car from every division circled first the half-mile and then the quarter-mile in a four-wide tribute to Joan.

Every feature also had an extra parade lap in honor of Joan.

During the races, proceeds from the 50/50 raffle were designated to help Joan’s family and during Intermission several drivers passed helmets through the grandstands for donations for the family to help with expenses. Van Meter, Inc., A longtime supporter of Hawkeye Downs Racing, was set to match those donations up to $1200.

Every feature winner dedicated their wins to Joan and many drivers also pledged to donate their purse money to Joan’s family.

On the track, Nathan Ballard scored his tenth win of the season in Barron Motor Supply Hobby Stocks. Jason Sherman saw a big lead erased during a caution with eight laps remaining that put Ballard on his bumper for the restart. Ballard used about a half-lap to take the lead to secure the win. Sherman maintained second while Kevin Franks was third.

Drew Nickell led a season-high eight laps in Miller Time Hornets before Dallas Chandler picked his way through the field and took away the lead with a handful of laps remaining.  Todd Ness and Kurt Bohnsack put on a late charge to finish second and third while Nickell scored fourth.

Cole O’Brien posted a flag-to-flag run in Dublin City pub Legends earning his second win of the season. He was chased the length of the race by Body Willett and Kevin korsmo. Neither Willett or Korsmo could mount a serious charge as the trio ran virtually nose-to-tail for the last half of the race .

The Mountain Dew Sportsmen ran a pair of features including the make-up feature from last week. Greg Hentrich led the early laps before Jim Hanson took the point. Nathan Ballard caught Hanson on lap eleven and the pair swapped the lead back and forth until caution waved with a couple circuits remaining, setting up a green-white-checker finish.

Hanson and Ballard battled to the checkered flag with Hanson prevailing for his second win of 2015. McCalla maintained second and Hentrich was third.

In the second Mountain Dew Sportsmen Feature, point leader Dave McCalla, who had handling issues in the first feature, took command on lap three and was never seriously challenged over the 20-lap feature.  Nathan Ballard finished second while Greg Hentrich racked up his second third-place run of the night.

The Carpetland USA Late Model presented by Performance Concepts make-up feature saw Caleb Adrian seemingly in control of the race early on but by lap eight point leader Brian Gibson was in the picture. Gibson kept the pressure on and Adrian started developing mechanical issues with about five laps to go. Gibson took the lead on lap twenty-one and on the next lap therear-end locked up on Adrians car, bringing out caution.

On the subsequent restart, Gibson held off Dudley Fleck for the win with Logan Mitchell taking third with his best run of the season. After the field took the checkered flag the cars of Brian Allen and Mitchell touched sending both spinning toward the turn one wall.

The second feature saw Caleb Adrian able to return after his crew made repairs during intermission. Adrian posted an impressive flag to flag run to grab the checkers and the win. Brad Osborn, who also had earlier mechanical issues, cut into Adrian’s lead on a couple occasions but each time Osborn drew a little closer Adrian pulled away again. The point leader, Brian Gibson, finished third.

Racing resumes Friday Night, August 14 with all five divisions in action. Just two weeks remain in the regular season.


HEAT 1– 1. Scott Siems 2.Jayson Scott 3. Matt Hudspeth 4. Jason Sherman 5. Brian Bries 6. Kevin Franks

HEAT 2-1. Nathan Ballard 2. Braxton Franks 3. Matt Lacoursiere 4. Jasen Freeman 5. Ray Fish

FEATURE (20 laps) 1. (29) Nathan Ballard, Marengo; 2. (54) Jason Sherman, Marengo; 3. (14F) Kevin Franks, Cedar Rapids; 4. (8) Braxton Franks, Cedar Rapids; 5. (1) Scott Siems, Cedar Rapids; 6. (3) Matt Hudspeth, Granger; 7. (9) Jayson Scott, Cedar Rapids; 8. (2) Matt Lacoursiere, Cedar Rapids; 9. (41) Jasen Freeman, Cedar Rapids; 10. (11) Brian Bries, Norway; 11. (53) Ray Fish, Manchester


HEAT 1. -1. Todd Ness 2. Troy Scott 3. Lucas Foster 4. Brad Schmidt 5. Rob Aimers

HEAT 2. 1. Kurt Bohnsack 2. Drew Nickell 3.Dallas Chandler 4.Brenda Meeks 5. Ethan Parrott

FEATURE (15 laps) 1. (3) Dallas Chandler, Cedar Rapids; 2. (16) Todd Ness, Cedar Rapids; 3. (4) Kurt Bohnsack, Ely; 4. (87) Drew Nickell, Cedar Rapids; 5. (44) Troy Scott, Cedar Rapids; 6. (86) Lucas Foster, Cedar Rapids; 7. (B7) Brad Schmidt, Cedar Rapids; 8. (47) Brenda Meeks, Ely; 9. (1A) Rob Aimers, Cedar Rapids; 10. (01) Ethan Parrott, Marion



HEAT 1- 1.Austin Slabaugh 2.Warren Ropp 3. Dennis Diercks 4.Nelson Stewart 5.Stacy Olson 6. Sydney Henderson

HEAT 2.- 1. Cole O’Brien 2.Kevin Korsmo 3.Matt Blake 4. Mark Ironside 5. Brody Willett 6. Gary Dyer DNS- Al Diercks

FEATURE (25 laps) 1. (25)Col O’Brien, Cedar Rapids; 2. (00) Brody Willett, Alburnett; 3. (52)Kevin Korsmo, Atkins; 4.(10) Mark Ironside, Swisher; 5. (16) Austin Slabaugh, Kalona; 6. (77) Warren Ropp, Kalona; 7. (88)Matt Blake, Cedar Rapids; 8. (44s) Nelson Stewart, Avon, IN; 9. (95) Al Diercks, Bettendorf; 10. (99) Dennis Diercks, Eldridge; 11. (66) Gary Dyer, Bluegrass; 12. (13) Stacy Olson, Cedar Rapids; 14. (17) Sydney Henderson, Walford


MOUNTAIN DEW SPORTSMEN (make-up feature from July 31)

FEATURE (20 laps) 1. (88) Jim Hanson, Cedar Rapids; 2. (29) Nathan Ballard, Marengo; 3. (6x) Bob Ahrendsen, Cedar Rapids; 4. (54) CJ Van Horn, Marengo; 5. (35) Greg Hentrich, Hiawatha; 6. (7) John Johnston, Victor; 7. (3) Dave McCalla, Cedar Rapids; 8. (5) Tom Burke, Nevada; 9. (36) Jeremy Clement, Cedar Rapids DNS- Nathan Borchardt  DNS- Ben Glascock


FEATURE (20 laps) 1. (3) Dave McCalla, Cedar Rapids; 2. (29) Nathan Ballard, Marengo; 3. (35) Greg Hentrich, Hiawtha; 4. (88) Jim Hanson, Cedar Rapids; 5. (6x) Bob Ahrendsen, Cedar Rapids; 6. (7) John Johnston, Victor; 7. (54) CJ Van Horn, Marengo; 8. (5) Tom Burke, Nevada; 9. (36) Jeremy Clement, Cedar Rapids




FEATURE (25 laps) 1. (17) Brian Gibson, Walford; 2. (74F) Dudley Fleck, Cedar Rapids; 3. (99) Logan Mitchell, Palmyra, MO; 4. (52) Brian Allen, Hiawatha; 5. (43) Scott Siems, Cedar Rapids; 6. (76) Chad Siems, Shellsburg; 7. (29) Caleb Adrian, Walcott; 8. (72) Brad Osborn, Janesville

DNS- Brody Willett, Alburnett


FEATURE (25 laps) 1. (29) Caleb Adrian, Walcott; 2. (72) Brad Osborn, Janesville; 3. (17) Brian Gibson, Walford; 4. (74F) Dudley Fleck, Cedar Rapids; 5. (00) Brody Willett, Alburnett; 6. (76) Chad Siems, Shellsburg; 7. (43) Scott Siems, Cedar Rapids; DNS- Logan Mitchell  DNS- Brian Allen

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