10 Questions – Braxton Franks

Each week, a driver will take turns answering nine questions, and one question asked by a fellow driver. This week we talk with Braxton Franks, who is our reigning Sportsman champion driving the #8. Braxton has also raced in the Hobby Stock Series, despite being only 19 years old.

1. What is your favorite part about being a race car driver?

My favorite part about being a race car driver is the adrenaline rush when battling out for the top finishes. I also enjoy putting on a show for the next generation, considering that’s how I got into racing – my dad (Brian Franks) being a race car driver throughout my childhood. 

2. You mentioned your dad has a racing background at Hawkeye Downs..how did that translate you into becoming a driver/what made you want to start?

After seeing my dad race for many years, I always enjoyed helping him out working on his car and knew I wanted to be a race car driver someday when I was a kid. That gave me the passion to continue on the next generation of racing in our family history. 

3. What is your favorite racing memory so far?

My favorite racing memory is when we traveled to Rockford speedway for the first time in my hobby stock (1st year of racing) for the Bahamas brackets. Bubba Hall’s (my cousin) 2-way radio went dead and didn’t know I was on his outside and ended up running me into the wall. Most people will say their first win is their favorite memory but not mine, I enjoyed racing against my own family members even if it costs a car that got wrecked by your own cousin.

Braxton (left) with girlfriend Taylor (right)

4. If you could choose any track/car combination to race on in the world, what would it be and why?

If I could choose any track it would be Bristol Motor Speedway with my sportsman. I say this because I seen how fast the hornets were on that track so I could only imagine how fast it would be with my sportsman. 

5. Let’s say you could never race again.. what sport would you choose to play?

I really don’t watch or play any other sports. But football would be one id play again.

6. Favorite meal to eat?

I love to eat mashed potatoes, corn, and some grilled chicken with BBQ sauce. 

7. If a fan has only a couple seconds with you, what is the best way for them to maximize their time?

Ask me the most important question you have for me, make me laugh and get a picture of course. 

8. What would you say is your “spirit animal” and why?

A lion. I just like the way the have a “beard” that is close to the same color as mine. 

9. Do you have any superstitions on raceday?

I like to jam out to some 80 and 90s classic rock. Really that’s about it always have to be pumped up! 

10. Troy Scott wanted to know: What is the part you hate most about racing?

The part I hate most about racing is probably when equipment gets torn up for a stupid reason. I hate doing more to the car during the week other then just nut and bolting it.
My question for the next driver is why did you choose to start racing?

Stay tuned for the next driver interview next Wednesday!