10 Questions – Jacob Tiegen

Each week, a driver will take turns answering nine questions, and one question asked by a fellow driver. This week we talk with Jacob Tiegen, who drives the #7 in the Legends Series. At just 15 years old, Jacob is one of our younger race car drivers. Check out what Jacob had to say in his 10 Question interview:

1. What is your favorite part about being a race car driver?

My favorite part is probably the speed and competition There’s nothing like starting towards the back and working your way to the front.

2. What has been the hardest challenge to overcome since starting to race a legend?

Since I’ve started racing legends I’ve had to completely change the way I drive, going from go karts which have a ton of grip and stagger to a legend car with a short wheelbase an not a lot of grip it requires a whole new skill set it took me a while to adjust but I’m getting there.

3. What is your favorite racing memory so far?

So far probably my first race at Hawkeye Downs. It was my first race under a big spotlight. Drivers have come from Hawkeye downs and made their mark in the NASCAR Cup Series and I hope to add my name to that list.

Jacob (right) with sister, Danielle (left)

4. If you could choose any track/car combination to race on in the world, what would it be and why?

I would go with a NASCAR Cup car at Bristol because it’s a lot of speed and power on a small track and only the best can do well there.

5. Let’s say you could never race again.. what sport would you choose to play?

Football because it’s the only other sport that I actually enjoyed playing I’m just not built for it.

6. Favorite meal to eat?

That’s a great question I love Mexican food so any kind of that would be ideal and lucky enough I’m sponsored by my favorite restaurant Cancun so it all works out for me.

7. If a fan only has a couple minutes with you, what is the best way to maximize their time?

The best way would be to come get an autograph a picture and maybe even sit in the car.

8. What would you say is your “spirit animal” and why?

I went and did a test online I got tiger I would’ve said cheetah because they’re fast but that might be a little cliché.

9. Do you have any superstitions on raceday?

I don’t have any superstitions but I do have some habits I seem to eat a half a burger before hot laps or sometimes I don’t eat at all.

10. Braxton Franks wanted to know: Why did you want to start racing?

I knew I wanted to start racing the first time I drove my go kart I was sliding it sideways in our gravel driveway and my dad decided it was time for me to hit the track.

Stay tuned for the next driver interview next Wednesday!