10 Questions – Troy Scott

Each week, a driver will take turns answering nine questions, and one question asked by a fellow driver. This week we talk with Troy Scott, who drives the #44 in the Hornets Series. Troy has competed for several years, and even won the Fan Favorite vote in 2018. We talked to Troy about his life on and off the track:

1. What is your favorite part about being a race car driver?

This question is always easy to answer, the racing community is family.  You have your close friends/family that will always be there for you.  Whether it’s helping you out in the pits when you have a flat tire to get back onto the track or when you win and they come down to celebrate your victory. 

2. What was it like racing against your father for the first time last season?

It was truly the best experience I’ve had, but also stressful too!  I wanted so badly for my dad to battle with me, but being his first time experience I knew that it probably wouldn’t occur, but I had some hope!  The stressful part was me constantly checking over my shoulder to see where he was.  Thinking in my mind if he’s doing well, or if he’s right behind me.. Thankfully Matt Crispin was always there to help my dad get the belts buckled and everything ready to go!  I hope someday we can race against each other again, or maybe he could race the Silver Bullet some night?! 

3. What is your favorite racing memory so far? 

I have many favorites, as many know I don’t win very often, so my absolute favorite was my last win on August 18th, 2017.  Although it wasn’t how I pictured to win.. it was still by far the most emotional and best time of our season, especially after my reverse donuts and snapping a cv shaft while doing it! 

4. If you could choose any track/car combination to race on in the world, what would it be and why?

Everyone picks a track in the U.S.I’d love to take an E60 BMW M5 with the V10 on the Nürburgring in Germany! Reason being is that I used to own a BMW 545i and it was a blast to drive, but I’ve always wanted to drive the M5.  Maybe someday!

5. Let’s say you could never race again.. what sport would you choose to play?

Baseball, hands down.  I used to be a pitcher and played in several leagues.  I miss the ball diamond, but thankfully Owen (his son) loves baseball as much as I do! 

6. Favorite meal to eat?

My favorite meal is definitely Panda Express, fried race and orange chicken with a couple chicken egg rolls!  

7. If a fan has only a couple seconds with you, what is the best way for them to maximize their time?

The best way for them to maximize their time is to ask questions!  I don’t hide things, always willing to help.  

8. What would you say is your “spirit animal” and why?

I had to do a spirit animal quiz online for this question.  I’m supposedly a wolf.  Always seeking new projects/things to do.  I hate down time.  You could say I’m always “hunting” for something new! 

9. Do you have any superstitions on raceday?

I tend to do the same thing every Friday, starting with putting on my racing shirt!  Never leave home Friday without a racing shirt on.  Another weird thing I do is when I hop in the car for a race, I always put my seatbelt on first, headphone, neck brace, steering wheel, helmet, then I always put my right glove on first then left.  I feel like if I mess this pattern up, things will not go right.. 

10. Last week Stacy Olson asked: Do you think Dave McCalla is an a******? And what is your question for the next driver?

I think Dave is far from an a******!  The guy always keeps his cool and let’s his racing do the talking.  I respect Dave and all he does!  Stacy on the other hand.. just kidding!  You two are pretty awesome people!
The question for the next driver is…What is the part you hate most about racing? 

Stay tuned for the next driver interview next Wednesday!