Cedar Rapids, IA  June 24 2016–  For the past several years, Cedar Rapids based Van Meter Inc. has hosted a night to entertain their employees at Hawkeye Downs Speedway along with sponsoring the race program for the evening.

            As part of that sponsorship, they pick a charity each year and ask that fans attending make a voluntary minimum donation as their admission price for the night. This year they chose Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) as that charity with 100% of the proceeds from Friday night’s race program going to C.O.P.S.  Over the past several years Van Meter Night has raised over $50,000 for various charities. Friday nights’ event would add to that total.

            Warren Ropp of Bulltown Legends of Iowa has been involved with C.O.P.S. for several years and worked with Van Meter to enhance the event by inviting local law enforcement agencies to participate in parade laps, take turns pacing the feature races, put on a K-9 demonstration, and take part in a driving obstacle course competition.  Agencies participating included the Iowa State Patrol, Cedar Rapids Police, Marion Police, and the Linn County Sheriff Department.

            In addition, Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett was on hand Friday night to read an official proclamation declaring Friday, June 24 as C.O.P.S. Day.

            As if all that weren’t enough, there was a full program of racing as well including a 30-lap Dublin City Pub INEX Legends Regional Qualifier event that paid $1000 to win.

            Aaron Moyer and Austin Slabaugh tied for quickest time during two-lap qualifying both turning an identical fast lap of 14.938 seconds on the quarter-mile.  With Moyer setting the mark first he did the dice roll to determine the invert.

            The INEX Legend Qualifier saw the twenty-car field paced by over a dozen law enforcement vehicles and then on the final pace lap the field was saluted with a barrage of fireballs, one on each corner of the quarter-mile.

            After a couple cautions while trying to get the first lap under their belts, the field settled in and the battle was on. Tim Brockhouse bolted into the early lead but the fastest car on the track was clearly Aaron Moyer as he worked through the field from his ninth starting slot and slipped into the lead on lap seven.

            Brockhouse maintained a distant second through the course of the race with Max McNamara and Jacob Nottestad chasing him and trading third and fourth place back and forth. Kevin Korsmo watched that battle from fifth but couldn’t draw close enough to challenge either of them.

            As the laps ticked off Moyer continued to dominate the field as he lapped up through eighth place enroute to the checkered flag.  Brockhouse finished second, Nottestad was third, McNamara fourth, and Korsmo was fifth.

            In Hy-Vee Racing Series action, Braxton Franks has been running stronger each week in the Anderson Automotive Hobby Stock division and that culminated in his first career feature win Friday night. Jacob Floyd led the early laps with Gerald Hall taking a brief lead before Floyd fought back.

            On lap eight Braxton Franks saw an opening and scooted into the lead and started to pull away from the pack. Meanwhile, point leader Jim Hanson cleared the pack of cars with about 4 laps remaining but he ran out of time and laps to catch Franks. He was within a couple car lengths at the checkered flag, but settled for second. Gerald Hall finished third with Jacob Floyd crossing the stripe in fourth and Scott Siems scoring fifth.

            Brian Gibson notched his second win of the season in the Performance Concepts Late Models passing Brad Osborn for the point on lap four and leaving the field behind.  The best battle on the track was then between Osborn and Late Model rookie Dave McCalla as the pair ran side-by-side for multiple laps. Each time McCalla would pull alongside Osborn would manage to pull away. That battle continued until just a couple laps remained.

            Osborn finished second with McCalla third. Another Late Model rookie, Mark Greb, finished fourth and Brian Allen was fifth.

            Derek Parrott posted his first feature win of the season in Miller Time Hornets after he and his son Ethan swapped cars earlier in the week.

            After a rocky first lap that saw several cars pin-balling off one another, Troy Scott spun on the second lap bringing out caution. The subsequent restart also resulted in a caution before the field settled down. Todd Ness led the early part of the race before Derek Parrott snagged the lead. Drew Nickell made a last-lap pass of Todd Ness to score second leaving Ness in third. Ethan Parrott finished fourth and was followed to the stripe by Lucas Foster.

            Point leader Dallas Chandler suffered some damage earlier in the race and didn’t appear to be up to full speed, finishing sixth.

            Finally, Jim Hanson took the lead on lap one and never relinquished it to score his third win of the 2016 campaign in Mountain dew Sportsmen. CJ Van Horn and point leader Greg Hentrich led a spirited battle for second with Hentrich eventually earning the spot.  The field was bunched for a two-lap shootout when Jeremy Clement and Mike Mitchell tangled, bringing out caution.

            Hanson bolted away from the field again on the restart leaving Hentrich in second followed to the checkered flag by VanHorn, Tom Burke, Clement, and Mitchell.



FAST QUALIFIER (tie) 14.938 Sec.  (60.249mph)  (140) Arron Moyer, (6) Austin Slabaugh

HEAT 1- 1. (52) Kevin Korsmo 2.(41) Max McNamara 3. (97) Jacob Nottestad 4. (140) Aaron Moyer 5. (25) Cole O’Brien 6. (6) Austin Slabaugh

HEAT 2- 1. (13B) Tim Brockhouse 2.(17W) Blaise Watters 3. (10) Mark Ironside 4. (12) Sammy Smith 5. (28) Pat Cady 6. (13) Stacy Olson 7. (88) Matt Blake

HEAT 3- 1. (77M) Dave McCalla 2. (99) Dennis Diercks 3. (66) Gary Dyer 4. (16) Mer Slabaugh 5. (9) Matthew Roehl 6. (17) Sydney Henderson

FEATURE 1. (140) Aaron Moyer, West Bend, WI; 2. (13B) Tim Brockhouse, Shakopee, MN; 3. (97) Jacob Nottestad, Utica, WI; 4. (41) Max McNamara, McHenry, IL; 5. (52) Kevin Korsmo, Atkins, IA; 6. (88) Matt Blake, Cedar Rapids, IA; 7. (10) Mark Ironside, Swisher, IA 8. (12) Sammy Smith, Des Moines, IA; 9. (77M) Dave McCalla, Cedar Rapids, IA; 10. (17W) Blaise Watters, Mineral Point, WI; 11. (95) Al Diercks, Davenport, IA; 12. (6) Austin Slabaugh, Kalona, IA; 13. (28) Pat Cady, Wellman, IA; 14. (99) Dennis Diercks, Eldridge, IA; 15. (66) Gary Dyer, Bluegrass, IA; 16. (16) Mer Slabaugh, Kalona, IA; 17. (13) Stacy Olson, Cedar Rapids, IA; 18. (17) Sydney Henderson, Walford, IA; 19. (9) Matthew Roehl, Fond du lac, WI; 20. (25) Cole O’Brien, Cedar Rapids, IA


HEAT 1- 1. (14J) Jacob Floyd 2. (12K) Kandi Floyd 3. (07) Jim Hanson 4. (88) Gerald Hall 5. (41) Jasen Freeman 6. (3) Chris Rollinger 7. (11) Brian Bries

HEAT 2- 1. (43) Ed O’Brien 2. (54) Jason Sherman 3. (8) Braxton Franks 4.(2) Matt Lacoursiere 5. (1) Scott Siems 6. (54H) Dale Sherman

FEATURE 1. (8) Braxton Franks, Cedar Rapids; 2. (07) Jim Hanson, Cedar Rapids; 3. (88) Gerald Hall, Cedar Rapids; 4. (12K) Kandi Floyd, Cedar Rapids; 5. (1)Scott Siems, Cedar Rapids; 6. (54) Jason Sherman, Marengo; 7. (41) Jasen Freeman, Cedar Rapids; 8. (14J) Jacob Floyd, Cedar Rapids; 9. (43) Ed O’Brien, Cedar Rapids; 10. (3) Chris Rollinger, Monticello; 11. (2) Matt Lacoursiere, Cedar Rapids 12. (54H) Dale Sherman, Marengo; 13. (11) Brian Bries, Norway




HEAT- 1.(17) Brian Gibson, Walford; 2. (72) Brad Osborn, Janesville; 3. (71) Mark Greb, Coralville; 4. (3) Dave McCalla, Cedar Rapids; 5. (52) Brian Allen, Hiawatha; 6. (76) Chad Siems, Shellsburg; 7. (43) Scott Siems, Cedar Rapids

FEATURE 1. (17) Brian Gibson, Walford; 2. (72) Brad Osborn, Janesville; 3. (3) Dave McCalla, Cedar Rapids; 4. (71) Mark Greb, Coralville; 5. (52) Brian Allen, Hiawatha; 6. (76) Chad Siems, Shellsburg; 7. (43)Scott Siems, Cedar Rapids



HEAT 1- 1. (16) Todd Ness 2. (87) Drew Nickell 3. (76) Lucas Foster 4. (72) Ethan Parrott 5. (9) James Montgomery 6. (47) Curt Gibbs

HEAT 2- 1. (3) Dallas Chandler 2. (01) Derek Parrott 3. (44) Troy Scott 4. (6) John Ness 5. (14) Tom Blum 6. (7) Michael Coulbourn

FEATURE- 1. (01) Derek Parrott, Marion; 2. (87) Drew Nickell, Cedar Rapids; 3. (16) Todd Ness, Cedar Rapids; 4. (72) Ethan Parrott, Marion; 5. (76) Lucas Foster, Cedar Rapids 6. (3) Dallas Chandler, Cedar Rapids; 7. (6) John Ness, Cedar Rapids; 8. (44) Troy Scott, Cedar Rapids; 9. (47) Curt Gibbs 10. (14) Tom Blum 11. (7) Michael Coulbourn, Cedar Rapids; 12. (9) James Montgomery


HEAT- 1. (88) Jim Hanson 2. (35) Greg Hentrich 3. (54)CJ VanHorn 4. (5)Tom Burke 5. (6x) Mike Mitchell 6. (57) Jeremy Clement

FEATURE- 1. (88) Jim Hanson, Cedar Rapids; 2. (35) Greg Hentrich, Hiawatha; 3. (54) CJ VanHorn, Marion; 4. (5) Tom Burke, Nevada; 5. (6x) Mike Mitchell, Cedar Rapids; 6. (57) Jeremy Clement, Cedar Rapids