76- Lucas Foster

City: Norway, IA

Lucas Foster Picture

Date of Birth: 12/31/1990

Children: 1

Jobs: Truck Driver


Car Number: 76

Car Color: Orange/Silver/Black

Body Make: Chevy Cavalier


Facebook: FosterRacing76


Goals: Get that “w”

Dream Track: Darlington Raceway

Racing Highlights: 3rd in points last year, multiple heat race wins


Sponsors: GCR Tires & Service



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77- Caleb Slouha

City: Newhall, IA

Date of Birth: 1/22/97

Job: Public Relations Manager


Car Number: 77

Car Color: Blue/Silver

Body Make: Dodge Avenger


Facebook: Caleb Slouha

Twitter: cslouha


Goals: Have fun, learn, and not crash.

Dream Track: Iowa Speedway

Racing Highlights: First year of racing.


Sponsors: Corridor Motors | Innovative Signs | Contact Hawkeye Downs if you would like to sponsor this driver!


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84- Elliott Vogel

City: Cedar Rapids, IA

Elliott Vogel Pic

Date of Birth: 12/31/1997

Job: McGrath Kia


Car Number: 84

Car Color: Blue/Yellow

Body Make: Chevy Cavalier


Facebook: Elliott Vogel

Instagram: elliottvogel84


Goals: Hopefully get a win, make improvements from last season

Dream Track: Daytona or Talladega

Racing Highlights: 2017 Hornet Rookie of the Year


Sponsors: Waterloo Auto Parts

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