New Logo Announced Ahead of 2018

Hawkeye Downs Announces New Logo

Over the past year, many changes have been made in an effort to start a new era at Hawkeye Downs. This era is all about improving the relationship with everyone we come in contact with including fans, drivers, partners, businesses, and the community.

As we move forward we felt it was necessary to make changes to our brand to signalize this era. This means updating both our logo and our slogan. Our new slogan is “The Knew Place to Go for Fun” because what you thought you knew about Hawkeye Downs has changed. Not only are we the place to go for racing, but plenty of other events including bingo, expo shows, weddings, gun shows, 5K’s, holiday parties, and MORE! People can expect to come to Hawkeye Downs any time of the year for a fun time.

Our new logo identifies with this belief, as it no longer limits peoples perceptions with “Speedway and Expo Center”. Sticking to just “Hawkey Downs” opens up so many other opportunities we are taking in strides. The new logo also represents colors people are familiar with in the (Hawkeye) state, and is visually more fun to look at.

Hawkeye Downs Logo

The team here at Hawkeye Downs is excited about the new era that we have entered, and we are glad you are participating with us in more events in 2018 and beyond. Thank you to every fan, sponsor, and partner we have. Stay tuned for even MORE exciting news regarding next year soon.



Hawkeye Downs Management Team

November Events and News

The holiday season is in full swing but there is still plenty of reasons to come on Down and join us for events throughout November.


As a reminder the main office has moved to a temporary location behind bingo past the grandstands. Our phone number is still the same if you need to reach us. Please contact us to set up an appointment if needed. We are also working on our 2018 racing season, so stay tuned for updates.

Gun Show

Trade Show Productions will be hosting the gun show once again in the expo center on the 10th, 11th, and 12th. For times and admission prizes, check out our Gun Show event page: .

Festival of Trees

This free event is back this year on the 18th and 19th from 10 am until 5 pm both days. Come walk through the hall of trees and vote for your favorite. You can also purchase one to take home! All funds benefit local non-profits including The Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation, Shoes for Kids, and Toys for Tots. Find more information here:

Christmas at the Downs

The popular crafts and art show will be at Hawkeye Downs on the 24th (9 am- 5pm) and 25th (10 am- 4 pm). Rent a booth and participate or view the best local crafts and art! Visit C and R Productions website for more information:


We have bingo on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturday nights starting at 6:30! Come join us for food, bingo, and fun! Our bingo page:

November Calendar 2017


October Events and News

As fall begins, the events continue here at Hawkeye Downs. Have a look at what is in store for the remainder of the month.


The main office has moved to a temporary location behind bingo past the grandstands. Our phone number is still the same if you need to reach us. Please contact us to set up an appointment if needed. We are also working on our 2018 racing season, so stay tuned for updates.
We want to thank Miron and Nelson Electric for helping us get set up in our temporary office, and providing the resources to help resume business quickly!

Miron Thank You Picture

Swap Meet

On Saturday the 14th, the Cedar Rapids Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America presents a huge Swap Meet on the grounds from 8 am until 5 pm. For more information:

Midwest Antique Show

The largest antique show in the Midwest will be rolling into town the 20th through the 22nd. Find more information:

5K Zombie Run

The first annual Zombie Run will take place at Hawkeye Downs on the 28th. This is a great family event right before Halloween! You can sign up to be a zombie, runner, or volunteer. Waves start at 12! Sign up and find out more:


We have bingo on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturday nights starting at 6:30! Come join us for food, bingo, and fun! Our bingo page:   October News Calendar


Hawkeye Downs Presents

Down The Hatch

A Celebration of Vino, Brews, and Trucks presented by Fleck Sales and 7G Distributing.


This event has been rescheduled to June 23rd, 2018 due to unforeseen circumstances.

More information to come.

Come celebrate the first ever brew fest, wine tasting, and food truck competition!

Tickets are on sale now!

Down the Hatch 2017


Saturday, Sept 23, 2017

VIP 5:00 pm- 6:00 pm

General Admission 6:00 pm- 9:00 pm


Advance Tickets- $10

Military, Fire, EMS, Police Personnel- $10

At the Gate- $15

VIP- $20

Fleck Sales

You must be 21 and over to attend this event. Proper identification must be shown.


Food Trucks Expected

Austin Blues BBQ Barn
Brother & Sister Bakery
Dave’s Mini Donuts
O’s Grill
The Box Lunch
Caribbean Kitchen
Nene’s Roaming Gyros
Amigos Taco Truck
Rio Burritos
Jay’s Water Ice
Flip N’ Chop
Karam’s Grill
Mahalo Dog
Keepin’ Up With the Jones’
Amos Dean’s Catering

More information will be available as the event gets closer. Check out the flyer, or give us a call at 319-365-8656 for more information, or to sign up as part of the night.

Hawkeye Downs Helps Houston From Own Backyard

Press Release

The devastation from hurricane Harvey has affected every one of us in some way or another. There are several ways people can get involved to help the immediate efforts, and the ongoing needs.

We here at Hawkeye Downs are all about positively engaging with our community and making sure we give back to the people that need it the most through various activities and charities. As a part of these efforts, we have teamed up with Fur Fun Rescue from Lisbon to participate in a special effort to rescue animals affected by the hurricane.

The Fur Fun Rescue staff and volunteers have gone down to Texas and rescued nearly 50 dogs who are in need of care and ownership. They will be treating these animals, updating their vaccines, and then bringing them back to Iowa to be adopted by caring families.

Hawkeye Downs is proud to donate the needed facilities for the Fur Fun Rescue team to complete the necessary grooming on these furry friends. Our friends will be leaving Texas Wednesday morning and will be arriving at Hawkeye Downs in the late afternoon/evening this Thursday, Sept 7th. We are pleased to be a part of this worthy endeavor.

If you would like to make a donation, or are interested in adopting one of these pets, visit their website at or by mail at 229 Badger Rd, Lisbon, IA 52253​.

Results Announced Following Season Championships

Following an incident at the end of the Miller Time Hornets Series feature on August 18th, an investigation took place regarding multiple participants’ actions and behavior. During this process, the feature results and series champion were not announced.

Hawkeye Downs Press Release


Due to the unique circumstances on that night, the race did not resume and was declared finished by officials as allowed in the rules. Troy Scott was declared the winner of the feature event, earning his first victory of the season. After assessing the situation that unfolded, Hawkeye Downs Speedway officials reviewed the last completed lap before the incident and has also rewarded Dallas Chandler credit with the feature win.


Both Scott and Chandler will receive the same amount of points they would normally receive for a feature win. Derek Parrott, the next highest finisher, will receive points for a third-place finish. Full results can be found here.

Hornets Logo

As a result, this gives Chandler a 2-point advantage in the standings over Parrott, and he will be the 2017 Miller Time Hornets Champion. The full points standings will be published online.

Results- August 18, 2017

(August 18th, 2017 by Caleb Slouha) A beautiful night capped off a wonderful season of racing as Friday night brought the season championship races, and fans were invited to party on the track after. There was a large turnout and the fans saw a great show.

The night started out with a “Hornets Carpetland ‘Floor-It’ Dash”. This race brought six hornets on track and it was Ethan Parrott who scored the victory.

Anderson Automotive Hobby Stocks driver Jeremy Floyd held off the always fast, Jim Hanson, to earn the first feature win of his career. Victory Lane was full of emotions as Floyd has been close a few times this year. Hanson later celebrated in the winner’s circle as the champion.

Next up was the Dublin City Pub Inex Legends Series. Fans witnessed the familiar sight of Minnesota’s Brady Rhode leading, but Sammy Smith stayed on the bumper and tried to pressure Rhode to give him room with no success. Meanwhile, Austin Slabaugh’s consistency paid off, winning him the championship in just his third year of racing.

There was plenty of contact to be made in the Miller Time Hornets Series. With a tight championship battle, and the final night for some drivers to get a victory, the field raced hard. Dallas Chandler found the front and was about to bring home the trophy when he was wrecked by lapped traffic on the final lap. After officials reviewed the incident, Chandler was given credit for the win and the championship. It was Troy Scott that went to victory lane for the feature win.

Cory Houdek spent much of his night, like his season, in victory lane. With 10 laps to go in the Mountain Dew Sportsmen Series, Houdek took the lead and keep it until the end. With a dominating performance this season, Houdek also won the season championship for the series.

Last on the night was the Performance Concepts Late Model Series. Griffin McGrath shot out of a cannon at the start of the feature and attempted to flee the field. Brody Willett on his return to the track partially ran him down but could not arrive any closer than a couple car lengths. McGrath would win his fourth feature of the year, Brian Gibson won the season championship once again.




Floor-It Dash (6 laps):

1  72  Ethan Parrott
2  2  Stewart Hall
3  13  Rob Aimers
4  7  Michael Coulborn
5  28  Curt Gibbs
6  84  Elliott Vogel

FEATURE (15 laps):

1  44  Troy Scott
1*  3  Dallas Chandler
3  01  Derek Parrott
4  76  Lucas Foster
5  4  Kurt Bohnsack
6   2M  Drew Nickell
7   72  Ethan Parrott
8  84  Elliott Vogel
9  28  Curt Gibbs
10  2   Stewart Hall
11  13  Rob Aimers
DQ  14
 Tom Blum

*Given credit for win after feature


FEATURE (20 laps):

1 12 Jeremy Floyd
2 07 Jim Hanson
3 88 Gerald Hall
4 41 Jasen Freeman
5 8 Braxton Franks
6 24 Logan Clausen
7 60 Jason Sherman
8 54 Dale Sherman
9 2 Matt Lacoursiere
10 11 Brian Bries
11 43 Quinn O’Brien
12 57 Malena Clement
13 5 Bryan Baxter
14 4 Kurt Bohnsack
15 1 Scott Siems
DNS  8K  Max Leonard



FEATURE (25 laps):

1 4 Brady Fox-Rhode
2 12 Sammy Smith
3 25 Cole O’Brien
4 6 Austin Slabaugh
5 3 Dave McCalla
6 26 Will McCully
7 77 Warren Ropp
8 52L Danny Lehmkuhl
9 16N Todd Ness
10  16 Mer Slabaugh
11  10 Mark Ironside
12  37 Gary Dyer
13  13 Stacy Olson
14  17 Sydney Henderson
15  9 John Ferden
16  74 Matt Fults
17  52 Kevin Korsmo

FEATURE (20 laps):


1  19  Cory Houdek
2  87  Drew Nickell
3  12  Brandon Herb
4  7  John Johnston
5  35  Greg Hentrich
6  54  CJ VanHorn
7  9  Dave Ballstaedt
8  11  Mike Mitchell
9  34  Allen Hanson


FEATURE (25 laps):

1  64  Griffin McGrath
2  00  Brody Willett
3  17  Brian Gibson
4  71  Mark Greb
5  43  Scott Siems
6  76  Chad Siems
7  35  Greg Hentrich