Private Track Rental

Private Track Rental is available when the schedule allows. This applies for up to two cars. Additional cars are charged again, same rates.

Only two cars may be operating on the track at a time. Private rentals may only be reserved during daylight hours. Appropriate waivers and paperwork must be signed.


4 hours – $350

8 hours – $500

Less than 4 hours – $100/hr

For additional questions, or to book the track, please contact

Track Facts and Records

Track Facts

  • Contains both a 1/4 and 1/2 mile oval with varied banking.
  • Was a dirt track until 1988.
  • Hawkeye Downs has been in operation since 1925.
  • Half mile banking: 5 degrees front and back straights, 7 degrees turns 1&2, 5-7 degrees in turns 3&4

Track Records

Big 8 Series:   J Herbst  19.377    (2016)

Racing for a Cause Legends:  Austin Jahr     14.922   (2020)

Mid-Am Series: Ron Vandermeir Jr.   20.494   (2019)

Midwest Dash:  George Sparkman   22.296    (2019)

Midwest Truck: Levon Van Der Geest 19.594 (2020)