19- Cory Houdek

City: Marion, IA

Spouse’s Name: Rachel

# Of Children: 3

Date of Birth: 01/18/1984

Job: Houdek Auto Center as Sales Manager


Car Number: 19

Car Color: Red/Black

Body Make: Spaw Monte Carlo


Facebook: Cory Houdek


Goals: Have fun, win as many features as possible, and run with the Mid-Am Series a few times.

Dream Track: Bristol Motor Speedway

Racing Highlights: Several stock car and sportsman championships, 17+ years of racing at Hawkeye Downs.


Sponsors: Houdek Auto Center | Auto Mart | Sperry Engines | Spaw Chassis | Satellites Connected | Sweatshine Auto Detailing | Innovative Signs | Marion Tire Co | Klein Chem Dry | Auto Zone


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