(Cedar Rapids, IA  August 5, 2016) – It’s been over a year since Janesville driver Brad Osborn last visited Hawkeye Downs’ Victory Lane but that changed Friday night as he outran Brian Gibson to the finish in Performance Concepts Late Models.

            Osborn, who started inside the second row, took an early lead but by lap seven, had a mirror full of Griffin McGrath. By lap nine, the duo were running side by side. On the following lap the pair touched, sending Osborn spinning and bringing out the caution flag. McGrath used the “tap-out rule” which means he admitted fault and that kept Osborn on the point for the restart.

            Osborn built a lead again on the restart with Brian Gibson and Mark Greb giving chase. Gibson closed a bit as the last laps ticked off the board but Osborn crossed the strip three-tenths of a second ahead of Gibson. McGrath rallied from the earlier caution to finish third.

            After a couple disappointing weeks, Drew Nickell literally outran the field in Miller Time Hornets to collect his third win of the 2016 campaign. Nickell built a huge early lead over the field only to see a caution wipe it out.  That scenario repeated  again a few laps after the restart as another caution wiped out a sizable lead.

            A three way battle developed over the last five laps as Derek Parrott and Brad Chandler, who was subbing for his brother Dallas, closed in on Nickell.  A final caution with three laps to go gave Parrott and Chandler one last chance at the leader but Nickell was able to pull away slightly as the duo battled for position.  Brad Chandler finished second and Parrott was third.

            Tim Brockhouse  took the lead on lap ten and motored to his third win of the season in the Dublin City Pub INEX Legends Feature. Gary Dyer led the first seven laps before Warren Ropp squeezed into the lead on lap eight.  A caution on the following lap bunched the field and Brockhouse mad a huge move on the restart to set up what would be the winning pass on lap ten.

            Point leader Kevin Korsmo emerged from a spirited battle for position amongst several cars to finish second, while Blaise Watters finished third.

            Jim Hanson and teammate Kevin Franks waged a great battle over the majority of the Anderson Automotive Hobby Stock Feature as the pair traded the lead back and forth multiple times.  Franks took the lead from Matt Lacoursiere on lap eight and held it until lap thirteen when Hanson took then point.  Franks roared back into the lead on lap fifteen and shortly after Scott Siems entered the fray making for a three-way battle for the front. Siems and Franks were running side with one lap remaining when Siems suffered a tire issue and had to retire from the race. Franks made a last corner charge but Hanson crossed the flagstand about a bumper ahead of Franks for the win. Braxton Franks finished third.

            Finally, Jim Hanson tasted victory once again in the Mountain Dew Sportsmen in rather dominant fashion for his fifth win of the season in that division. Hanson took the lead on lap two and built a huge lead as he lapped up through the fifth place car. Hanson’s lead evaporated when caution waved with three laps to go putting CJ Van Horn on his tail. Hanson was able to again pull away as the final laps wound down and he finished comfortably ahead of Van Horn. Point leader Greg Hentrich finished third.

            Hawkeye Downs would like to thank all the drivers who participated in the Lil’ Racer Car Club Kids Riding in Race Cars activity during Intermission. The activity was again very popular as the kids got to take a couple slow laps with their favorite drivers.


HEAT- 1. (72) Brad Osborn 2. (17) Brian Gibson 3. (3) Dave McCalla 4. (71) Mark Greb 5. (64) Griffin McGrath 6. (43) Scott Siems 7. (76) Chad Siems

FEATURE (20 laps) 1. (72) Brad Osborn, Janesville; 2. (17) Brian Gibson, Walford; 3. (64) Griffin McGrath, Cedar Rapids; 4. (71) Mark Greb, Coralville; 5. (43) Scott Siems, Cedar Rapids; 6. (3) Dave McCalla, Cedar Rapids; 7. (76) Chad Siems, Shellsburg



HEAT 1- 1. (87) Drew Nickell 2. (44) Troy Scott 3. (47) Curt Gibbs 4. (1A) Logan Foye 5. (76) Lucas Foster 6. (14) Tom Blum

HEAT 2- 1. (3B) Brad Chandler 2. (16) Todd Ness 3. (01) Derek Parrott 4. (72) Ethan Parrott 5. (6) John Ness 6. (7) Michael Coulbourn

FEATURE (15 laps) – 1. (87) Drew Nickell, Cedar Rapids; 2. (3B) Brad Chandler, Cedar Rapids; 3. (01) Derek Parrott, Marion; 4. (76) Lucas Foster, Cedar Rapids; 5. (16 Todd Ness, Cedar Rapids; 6. (47) Curt Gibbs, Cedar Rapids; 7. (6) John Ness, Cedar Rapids; 8. (14) Tom Blum, Cedar Rapids; 9. (44) Troy Scott, Cedar Rapids; 10. (72) Ethan Parrott, Marion; 11. (1A) Logan Foye, Marion; 12. (7) Michael Coulbourn, Cedar Rapids


HEAT 1-1. (77) Warren Ropp 2. (6) Austin Slabaugh 3. (12) Sammy Smith 4. (20) Alex Braseth 5. (16) Mer Slabaugh 6. (17) Sydney Henderson

HEAT 2- 1. (25) Cole O’Brien 2. (66) Gary Dyer 3. (28) Pat Cady 4. (88) Matt Blake 5. (90) Jeff Selfridge 6. (99) Dennis Diercks

HEAT 3- 1. (17W) Blaise Watters 2. (52) Kevin Korsmo 3. (13B) Tim Brockhouse 4. (10) Mark Ironside 5. (95) Al Diercks 6. (13) Stacy Olson 7. (02) Tim Fredericks

FEATURE (25 laps)-1. (13B) Tim Brockhouse, Savage, MN; 2. (52) Kevin Korsmo, Atkins; 3. (17W) Blaise Watters, Mineral Point, WI; 4. (6) Austin Slabaugh, Kalona; 5. (25) Cole O’Brien, Cedar Rapids; 6. (77) Warren Ropp, Kalona; 7. (10) Mark Ironside, Swisher; 8. (12) Sammy Smith, Des Moines; 9. (66) Gary Dyer, Blue Grass; 10. (88) Matt Blake, Cedar Rapids; 11. (95) Al Diercks, Davenport; 12. (20) Alex Braseth, Ulen, MN; 13. (90) Jeff Selfridge, Marion; 14. (28) Pat Cady, Wellman; 15. (16) Mer Slabaugh, Kalona; 16. (99) Dennis Diercks, Eldridge; 17. (13) Stacy Olson, Cedar Rapids; 18. (02) Tim Fredericks, Cedar Rapids; 19. (17) Sydney Henderson, Walford



HEAT 1- 1. (77) Kevin Franks 2. (41) Jasen Freeman 3. (8) Braxton Franks 4. (1) Scott Siems 5. (3) Chris Rolinger 6. (54H) Dale Sherman

HEAT 2- 1. (07) Jim Hanson 2. (2) Matt Lacoursiere 3. (54) Jason Sherman 4. (88) Gerald Hall 5. (43) Ed O’Brien 6. (11) Brian Bries

FEATURE  (20 laps) 1. (07) Jim Hanson, Cedar Rapids; 2. (77) Kevin Franks, Cedar Rapids; 3. (8) Braxton Franks, Cedar Rapids; 4. (3) Chris Rolinger, Cedar Rapids; 5. (54) Jason Sherman, Marengo; 6. (88) Gerald Hall, Cedar Rapids; 7. (41) Jasen Freeman, Cedar Rapids; 8. (43) Ed O’Brien, Cedar Rapids; 9. (54H) Dale Sherman, Marengo; 10. (11) Brian Bries, Norway; 11. (1) Scott Siems, Cedar Rapids; 12. (2) Matt Lacoursiere, Cedar Rapids



HEAT 1- 1. (35) Greg Hentrich 2. (88) Jim Hanson 3. (12) Brandon Herb 4. (6) Bob Ahrendsen 5. (57) Jeremy Clement

HEAT 2- 1. (54) CJ Van Horn 2. (5) Tom Burke 3. (7) John Johnston 4. (6X) Mike Mitchell 5. (88JrS) Stewart Hall

FEATURE- (20 laps) 1.(88) Jim Hanson, Cedar Rapids; 2. (54) CJ VanHorn, Marion; 3. (35) Greg Hentrich, Hiawatha; 4. (5) Tom Burke, Nevada; 5. (6x) Mike Mitchell, Cedar Rapids; 6. (12) Brandon Herb, Marion; 7. (7) John Johnston, Victor; 8. (6) Bob Ahrendsen, Cedar Rapids; 9. (57) Jeremy Clement, Cedar Rapids; DNS- (88JrS) Stewart Hall, Cedar Rapids