Outlaw Street Drags

LEGAL drag racing and a car show! Thursday nights in Cedar Rapids!

If you are interested in legal drag racing, showing off your car to local car enthusiasts, or doing both, this is the event for you! Bring your daily driver or hobby car out– if you can drive it here we have a class for you.

In this double elimination, bracket-style drag race, you will be placed with vehicles similar to yours and make a 300′ run in separate lanes. There are over 18 different brackets, and you can enter in multiple brackets.

Even if you aren’t victorious after your first run, you still get another chance, and can even buyback! This is the easy, affordable way to drag race.


  1. No burnouts!
  2. Riders are welcome (over 12 years old.) EVERYONE must have a seatbelt.
  3. There is no limit on practice runs (as time permits). Just pull up to the line. We will release you. One car at a time. You can get in line in the pre-staging area.
  4. No speeding after the drag run. SLOW DOWN THROUGH THE TURN.
  5. If we have determined you have “red lighted” you will be notified on the back stretch.
  6. You may enter more than one bracket ($10 per bracket). Once you win the bracket we ask that you not participate in that bracket for the next event (except open bracket).
  7. When bracket racing begins, we will separate you into your bracket. We may combine brackets depending on number of vehicles entered. The brackets are run in respective order as well. After each bracket runs, you may stop on the back stretch. An official will guide you on where to go. If you are eliminated from your bracket, you must go into pits. We may split a bracket if we have a large number of cars or have performance differences.
  8. Cycles/ATV’s are required to wear helmets and long sleeve clothing. You drive to the finish line.
  9. Drag to the WHITE line except for cycles/atv’s.
  10. If you are eliminated in brackets, and there is still time permitting, you may re-enter with a “buyback”. This will cost $10 and is valid for a single elimination bracket. You may purchase your buyback on the backstretch.
  11. Be aware that we do not tolerate stupidity. This means while racing, or any other time. Any persons whom may have consumed alcohol prior or during the event, may not participate. This is about having fun. Relax and enjoy the camaraderie.


Your bracket is determined by tech officials prior to entering track. If you have any questions, please direct it to them. They are located in the staging area. Note: You may be moved up a bracket if we determine your vehicle does not meet the parameters of the current bracket you are participating in. Be honest with the tech official about what you have in or have done to your vehicle. This is for FUN.

Order of Brackets:
Open (heads up)
Detriot Iron Pre-1980 OEM
Family Sedans
Domestic Performance
2WD Trucks OEM
80’s Performance 1980-1989
Mustang OEM
ATV/Side By Side
Open (Handicapped)
Tuner Performance
2WD Truck Open
NOS or Forced Air
*Shine N Show Parade Lap*
Turner OEM
Detriot Iron pre-1980
4WD Gas
Mustang Open
4WD Diesel
High Skool (Handicapped)
*** Bumper to Bumper Finale ***

Handicapped brackets mean the start of the race is handicapped. We do our best trying to line up cars as fair as possible. Be aware that we are not always correct — please help us — if you are part of the race. Do not enter this bracket if this is an issue for you.

Dates 2020

Sunday June 14
Thursday July 16
Thursday August 20
Thursday September 17

Pricing & Times

Admission: $10
Bracket Registration: $10
Car Show: No extra fee, just admission

Pits & Grandstands Open at 6 PM
Practice Runs at 6:30 PM
Brackets Start at 7:30 PM
Shine and Show Car Show Judging at 8:30 PM

Please address questions to Keith: 319-533-3549
Outlaw Street Drags Facebook Page
Hawkeye Downs Facebook Page