Results- July 28th- Croell Redi-Mix Night

(July 28, 2017– By Brad Grupe)

Hawkeye Downs SpeedwayRacing in the Hy-Vee Racing Series returned to Hawkeye Downs Speedway Friday Night, July 28 after a one-week hiatus thanks to extreme temperatures and weather. Croell Redi-Mix presented the evenings’ action with all classes battling for valuable points with just a handful of races left in the 2017 season.

Dallas Chandler earned his third win of the season in Miller Time Hornets after taking the point on lap five and pulling away from the field. His lead was erased with three laps remaining when Tom Blum spun, putting point leader Derek Parrot on Chandler’s bumper. Chandler was able to hold off Parrott on the restart, collecting the checkers. Troy Scott finished in third behind Parrott.

There was no shortage of caution flags in the 20-lap Anderson Automotive Hobby Stocks feature. The race saw a trio of different leaders with eventual winner and point leader Jim Hanson collecting his sixth win of the season. Hanson took command on lap thirteen and had a comfortable lead when the caution waved just as the field was taking the white flag.

The cars of Jeremy Floyd and Kurt Bohnsack were fighting for the same real estate in turns one and two and through the backstretch with Bohnsack forced into the grass. As Bohnsack re-established position on the asphalt the car launched sideways and ended up flipping into the air and rolling into the grass outside turn three. The race was red-flagged briefly while an oil fire was extinguished in Bohnsack’s car.  Since less than half the field had taken the white flag, the race reverted to a green-white-checkered finish.  Hanson motored to the win when green flag racing resumed and was followed across the stripe by Jason Sherman and Jasen Freeman.

The final results were revised in the tech barn when the car of Sherman didn’t pass inspection, elevating Freeman to second and Matt Lacoursiere to third.

Brady Rhode ended up celebrating his birthday in Victory Circle after a green-to-checkers run in the Dublin City Pub INEX Legends feature, but it didn’t come easy.  Cole O’Brien built a huge early lead but by the halfway mark Rhode had started to put a dent into the lead and as they encountered lapped traffic O’Brien was held up a bit allowing Rhode to draw even closer. With seven laps to go Rhode was within four car lengths with Kevin Korsmo right behind. Rhode made the winning move on O’Brien with a backstretch pass with just four laps to go. O’Brien maintained second with Korsmo finishing third.

The Mountain Dew Sportsmen Feature saw John Johnston take advantage of starting on the pole as he outlasted the field to pick up his first feature win in the division. He was challenged early by Brandon Herb and Greg Hentrich and in the closing laps point leader Cory Houdek was closing fast but Johnston outran him to the checkered flag. Hentrich finished in third behind Houdek.

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A somewhat slim field of Performance Concepts Late Models put on a heck of a show for nearly 20 laps as Brad Osborn and Brian Gibson battled for the lead multiple times. Osborn appeared to have more power on the straights with Gibson catching him in the corners.  The action was slowed at lap twelve for a spin but once the green waved the battle was on again. With just three laps remaining Osborn spun putting Gibson on point.

One lap after the race restarted the rear end of Mark Ironside’s car appeared to let go putting fluid on the track. Officials elected to throw the checkered flag with the caution due to extensive clean-up that would be required and since the outcome of the race was no longer in doubt. Mark Greb finished second behind Gibson and Scott Siems was third.

Racing continues next Friday night with “Van Meter Night at the Races- Racing to Make a

Difference.”  Admission is Free with a monetary donation. Proceeds benefit Adaptive Sports Iowa- An organization that provides support for athletes with physical disabilities throughout Iowa. Gates open at 6:00 pm.




1 01 Derek Parrott
2 2M Drew Nickell
3 14 Tom Blum
4 7 Mike Coulbourn
5 2 Stewart Hall
6 72 Ethan Parrott
DNS 01$ Todd Summers


1 3 Dallas Chandler
2 84 Elliott Vogel
3 28 Curt Gibbs
4 44 Troy Scott
5 76 Lucas Foster
DNS 13 Rob Aimers


1 3 Dallas Chandler Cedar Rapids, IA
2 01 Derek Parrott Marion, IA
3 44 Troy Scott Cedar Rapids, IA
4 87 Drew Nickell Cedar Rapids, IA
5 28 Curt Gibbs Cedar Rapids, IA
6 14 Tom Blum Cedar Rapids, IA
7 76 Lucas Foster Cedar Rapids, IA
8 7 Mike Coulbourn Cedar Rapids, IA
9 84 Elliott Vogel Cedar Rapids, IA
10 72 Ethan Parrott Marion, IA
11 2 Stewart Hall Cedar Rapids, IA
12 01S Cody Strasser Cedar Rapids, IA
DNS 13 Rob Aimers Cedar Rapids, IA



1 4 Kurt Bohnsack
2 5 Bryan Baxter
3 8 Braxton Franks
4 43 Quinn O’Brien
5 54 Dale Sherman
6 07 Jim Hanson
DNS 11 Brian Bries


1 2 Matt Lacoursiere
2 88 Gerald Hall
3 12J Jeremy Floyd
4 1 Scott Siems
5 60 Jason Sherman
6 24 Logan Clausen
7 41 Jasen Freeman

FEATURE (20 laps):

1 07 Jim Hanson Cedar Rapids, IA
 2 41 Jasen Freeman Cedar Rapids, IA
3 2 Matt Lacoursiere Cedar Rapids, IA
4 43 Quinn O’Brien Cedar Rapids, IA
5 24 Logan Clausen Cedar Rapids, IA
6 54 Dale Sherman Cedar Rapids, IA
7 12J Jeremy Floyd Cedar Rapids, IA
8 11 Brian Bries Norway, IA
9 4 Kurt Bohnsack Ely, IA
10 88 Gerald Hall Cedar Rapids, IA
11 8 Braxton Franks Cedar Rapids, IA
12 1 Scott Siems Cedar Rapids, IA
13 5 Bryan Baxter Cedar Rapids, IA
DQ 60 Jason Sherman Marengo, IA



1 52 Kevin Korsmo
2 6 Austin Slabaugh
3 4 Brady Rhode
4 9 John Ferden
5 13 Stacy Olson
6 37 Gary Dyer
7 95 Josh Carlson


1 25 Cole O’Brien
2 16N Todd Ness
3 3 Dave McCalla
4 77 Warren Ropp
5 16 Mer Slabaugh
6 17 Sydney Henderson
7 71F John Ferden

FEATURE (25 laps):

1 4 Brady Rhode Lorretto, MN
2 25 Cole O’Brien Cedar Rapids, IA
3 52 Kevin Korsmo Atkins, IA
4 3 Dave McCalla Cedar Rapids, IA
5 6 Austin Slabaugh Kalona, IA
6 16N Todd Ness Cedar Rapids, IA
7 77 Warren Ropp Kalona, IA
8 17 Sydney Henderson Walford, IA
9 16 Mer Slabaugh Kalona, IA
10 13 Stacy Olson Cedar Rapids, IA
11 71F Matt Fults  Marengo, IA
12 9 John Ferden Shueyville, IA
13 37 Gary Dyer Blue Grass, IA
14 95 Josh Carlson Princeton, IA



1 7 John Johnston
2 19 Cory Houdek
3 12 Brandon Herb
4 54 CJ VanHorn
5 35 Greg Hentrich
6 9 Dave Ballstaedt
7 11 Mike Mitchell
8 26 Preston Stoecker
DNS 34 Allen Hanson

FEATURE (20 laps):

1 7 John Johnston Victor, IA
2 19 Cory Houdek Marion, IA
3 35 Greg Hentrich Hiawatha, IA
4 12 Brandon Herb Marion, IA
5 54 CJ Van Horn Marion, IA
6 11 Mike Mitchell Cedar Rapids, IA
7 34 Allen Hanson Greely, IA
8 26 Preston Stoecker Stratford, IA
9 9 Dave Ballstaedt Marion, IA



1 17 Brian Gibson
2 72 Brad Osborn
3 71 Mark Greb
4 76 Chad Siems
5 10 Mark Ironside
6 43 Scott Siems

FEATURE (20 laps):

1 17 Brian Gibson Walford, IA
2 71 Mark Greb Coralville, IA
3 43 Scott Siems Cedar Rapids, IA
5 76 Chad Siems Shellsburg, IA
6 72 Brad Osborn Janesville, IA
7 10 Mark Ironside Swisher, IA