Results June 30th- Hibu Night

Hawkeye Downs Speedway

(June 30th, 2017– By Caleb Slouha) The final race in June for the year saw some fantastic racing from all Hy-Vee Racing Series. The Racing For A Cause Series and regional legend qualifier brought 17 legends cars for a $1000 to win race which was a thrill to watch.

The Miller Time Hornets feature saw a wild race once again this week. The “big one” struck just three laps in which included Stewart Hall, Tom Blum, Troy Scott, Lucas Foster, and Ethan Parrott. All were able to continue on, with various amounts of damage. Elliott Vogel led from the start and appeared he might have held off Derek Parrott until his engine let go with just 4 laps left. D. Parrott then took over the lead, held off Dallas Chandler until a late race caution allowed Chandler to get another chance and made the pass to win his second feature of the year.

Gerald “Bubba” Hall narrowly held off Jim Hanson for his first victory of the season in the Anderson Automotive Hobby Stocks. Hall gained the lead when Kurt Bohnsack, Jeremy Floyd, and Quinn O’Brien made contact while three-wide, resulting in Floyd spinning and bringing out the caution. Bohnsack would chase after Hall on the restart, but fall into the clutches of Hanson, who would not be able to catch Hall in time.

Due to CJ VanHorn being ill, legends driver Dave McCalla drove in his place, and brought some sure excitement as he put the bumper to leader Greg Hentrich several times, and tried to hold of 5-time feature winner (this season) Cory Houdek, in the process. Lapped traffic worked in favor of Hentrich, who won his first Mountain Dew Sportsmen feature of the year and leaving McCalla with second.

After winning the heat race for the Performance Concepts Late Models, Brian Gibson led the field to green and kept Tim Plummer in his mirror the whole race to get his second victory of the year. Plummer made his season debut in the car Mark Greb normally drives, and finished second.

The Dublin City Pub Inex Legends race was no exception to the craziness. A four-wide salute with a police escort and fireworks were the sights to see during pace laps, but hard racing and one legend car flipping came to be as the 35-lap race went on.

Cole O’Brien and Minnesota’s Will McCully lead the field to the green, but just one lap later Max McNamara would take the lead. McNamara would keep Riley Stenjem at bay while Aaron Moyer battled into the top-three.

The first caution of the night came out then Todd Ness spun on the front straight. The impending restart, McCully’s right front wheel covering comes completely off, and he spins a lap later. McNamara keeps the lead on the restart, but can now see Brady Rhode in his mirror as he jumps to second. With 16 laps to go, McCully and Dave McCalla made contact in turn 3, which resulted in McCully flipping completely over, and luckily landed on his wheels. Both drivers were okay, just a bit banged up and a little frustrated.

With 9 to go, Rhode pushed back into second place, getting around McNamara and setting his sights for Moyer. Several laps later lapped traffic gets involved and allowed Rhode to take the lead. He would then keep Moyer behind him and win the feature and the $1000 check.

There are no races next Friday night, but Hawkeye Downs will be back July 14th for Casey’s Wall of Fame night. Also, Saturday, July 15th the Bandit Big Rig Series will be joining the Midwest Truck Series for some great racing. Details can be found on our website.




1 2m Dallas Chandler
2 87 Drew Nickell
3 76 Lucas Foster
4 28 Curt Gibbs
5 72 Ethan Parrott
6 01s Cody Strasser


1 01 Derek Parrott
2 84 Elliott Vogel
3 44 Troy Scott
4 2 Stewart Hall
5 14 Tom Blum
6 7 Michael Coulborn


1 2m Dallas Chandler Cedar Rapids, IA
2 01 Derek Parrott Marion, IA
3 87 Drew Nickell Cedar Rapids, IA
4 76 Lucas Foster Cedar Rapids, IA
5 14 Tom Blum Cedar Rapids, IA
6 72 Ethan Parrott Marion, IA
7 28 Curt Gibbs Cedar Rapids, IA
8 7 Michael Coulborn Cedar Rapids, IA
9 44 Troy Scott Cedar Rapids, IA
10 01s Cody Strasser Cedar Rapids, IA
11 13 Rob Aimers N/A
12 84 Elliott Vogel Cedar Rapids, IA
13 2 Stewart Hall Cedar Rapids, IA



1 12 Jeremy Floyd
2 4 Kurt Bohnsack
3 88 Gerald Hall
4 43 Quinn O’Brien
5 1 Scott Siems
6 60 Dale Sherman


1 07 Jim Hanson
2 2 Matt Lacoursiere
3 8 Braxton Franks
4 5 Bryan Baxter
5 24 Logan Clausen
6 11 Brian Bries

FEATURE (20 laps):

1 88 Gerald Hall Cedar Rapids, IA
2 07 Jim Hanson Cedar Rapids, IA
3 4 Kurt Bohnsack Ely, IA
4 12 Jeremy Floyd Cedar Rapids, IA
5 8 Braxton Franks Cedar Rapids, IA
6 24 Logan Clausen Cedar Rapids, IA
7 1 Scott Siems Cedar Rapids, IA
8 5 Bryan Baxter Marion, IA
9 60 Dale Sherman N/A




Brian Bries

Quinn O’Brien

Norway, IA

Cedar Rapids, IA

12 2 Matt Lacoursiere Cedar Rapids, IA



1 140 Aaron Moyer
2 4 Brady Rhode
3 6 Austin Slabaugh
4 25 Cole O’Brien
5 37 Gary Dyer
6 9 John Ferden


1 41 Max McNamara
2 12 Sammy Smith
3 3 Dave McCalla
4 16n Todd Ness
5 16 Mer Slabaugh
6 17 Sydney Henderson

Heat 3:             

1 52 Kevin Korsmo
2 77s Riley Stenjem
3 77 Warren Ropp
4 26 Will McCully
5 13 Stacy Olson

  FEATURE (35 laps):

1 4 Brady Rhode Lorretto, MN
2 140 Aaron Moyer Allenton, WI
3 41 Max McNamara McHenry, IL
4 52 Kevin Korsmo Atkins, IA
5 12 Sammy Smith Des Moines, IA
6 77S Riley Stenjem Stoughton, WI
7 25 Cole O’Brien Cedar Rapids, IA
8 6 Austin Slabaugh Kalona, IA
9 3 Dave McCalla Cedar Rapids, IA
10 77 Warren Ropp Kalona, IA
11 16N Todd Ness Cedar Rapids, IA
12 16 Mer Slabaugh Kalona, IA
13 13 Stacy Olson Cedar Rapids, IA
14 9 John Ferden Shueyville, IA
15 37 Gary Dyer Blue Grass, IA
16 17 Sydney Henderson Walford, IA
17 26 Will McCully Rochester, MN



1 35 Greg Hentrich
2 54M Dave McCalla
3 7 John Johnston
4 19 Cory Houdek
5 77 Craig Stepanek
6 11 Mike Mitchell
7 34 Allen Hanson

FEATURE (20 laps):

1 35 Greg Hentrich Hiawatha, IA
2 54M Dave McCalla Cedar Rapids, IA
3 19 Cory Houdek Marion, IA
4 12 Brandon Herb Marion, IA
5 11 Mike Mitchell Cedar Rapids, IA
6 77 Craig Stepanek N/A
7 34 Allen Hanson Greely, IA
8 7 John Johnston Victor, IA



1 17 Brian Gibson
2 71P Tim Plummer
3 72 Brad Osborn
4 76 Chad Siems
5 43 Scott Siems
6 10 Mark Ironside

FEATURE (25 laps):

1 17 Brian Gibson Walford, IA
2 71p Tim Plummer N/A
3 72 Brad Osborn Janesville, IA
4 76 Chad Siems Shellsburg, IA
5 43 Scott Siems Cedar Rapids, IA
DNS 10 Mark Ironside Swisher, IA