Recap: 2018 Kicked Off Strong

Although fans had to wait an extra couple weeks for the first race of 2018, it was worth the wait as they saw competitive racing across all five weekly series, plus the AIRS Vintage Series which made their first of several appearances this year.


Arp in victory lane.

The night kicked off with the Vintage Series, which brought 10 cars to play in the quick 10 lap feature. Tim Arp grabbed the victory over Bart Miller and Brian Gade, who was the vintage track champion last year.


Next it was time for the McGrath Auto Hornets. Dallas Chandler started the season off right with both a heat and feature win over Troy Scott and Lucas Foster.


In the Anderson Automotive Hobby Stocks, reigning champion Jim Hanson snatched the win over Jeremy Floyd and Jasen Freeman. Kurt Bohnsack became involved in an incident during the race relegating him to a 10th place finish.


During intermission, fans were able to take a bus ride around the track, and children signed up for the Lil’ Racer Car Club on grandparents night.


The Bulltown Legends Series witnessed an 18 car field, which made the racing exciting all over the track, but tender for the leaders as they navigated traffic. Sammy Smith was able to narrowly hold off Baiden Heskett for the win. Defending champion, Austin Slabaugh, fell victim to a crash that took place just ahead of him, leaving a decent amount of damage to his car.


Houdek and family.

Although Cory Houdek did not have much faith in the borrowed motor currently in the car, it did not stop him from pulling into victory lane during the Miller Time Sportsmen race.


Finally, Griffin McGrath and Brody Willett dueled it out for the Waterloo Auto Parts Late Model victory. While McGrath stayed close to Willett, he was unable to pass him and the teenager led wire-to-wire for the victory.


You can find a full list of results here: Results

An updated look at the points standings can be found here: Points



Multiple Series to Return in 2018

This past year Hawkeye Downs competitive racing from 10 different series, including our 5 weekly series. We are excited to already have several of these confirmed for the 2018 season.


All five of our weekly racing series: Hornets, Hobby Stocks, Sportsmen, Legends, and Late Models. On top of this, we will be welcoming back various races such as the Carpetland USA “Floor-It” Dash, and the Hard Charger Series. Our weekly racing produces action-packed fun which we cannot wait for next year.


Fans absolutely loved watching the AIRS Vintage Cars three different times in the 2017, so we have extended our partnership with the series and plan to have them back four times next year. This means once a month fans will be able to witness the classic cars at their only asphalt performance. Specific days will be announced as the dates get closer.


For the 4th consecutive year, Hawkeye Downs will be holding the “Clash at the Downs” Big 8 Series race. The best late model drivers in the Midwest will once again return on Friday, June 1st. This event has become a favored part of our schedule as well as part of the Big 8 Series schedule.


One series fans enjoy watching along with the weekly series is the Mid-American Stock Car Series, which is expected to return in 2018. No dates have been set, but plan on seeing them once again in June.

Update: The Mid-Am Series has been confirmed for June 22nd, 2017.

Bandit Big Rig Series


The Bandit Big Rig Series made their debut at the track this year, and like the rest of the country swept the fans right off their feet. The staff, fans, and series all fell in love with the partnership, which is why they will be coming back on Saturday, June 9th for another fantastic day of racing. Support series for that day have not been finalized yet.


More of the 2018 racing schedule will be announced over the coming weeks.

Championship Night- August 18, 2017

Hawkeye Downs presents

Fan Appreciation Night & Season Championships

Championship Night


Friday August 18, 2017



Gates open at 6:00 pm

Races begin at 7:30 pm


Join us in celebrating our 2017 racing year. There will be plenty of action on and off the track. There will be plenty of prizes given away, as well as the opportunity to meet the drivers and get their autograph afterwards

For the first time, fans will be invited ON TRACK for a post race party to hangout, play games, watch the champions celebration, and MORE. You do not want to miss this

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night. This page will be updated as information becomes available. Questions? Please call 319-365-8656.


On tap:

Prize Give Aways

Driver Autographs & Trick or Treat

Post Race Party & Games

Champions Celebration

Carpetland USA  Floor It Dash

Miller Time Hornets

Anderson Automotive Hobby Stocks

Dublin City Pub Inex Legends

Mountain Dew Sportsman

Performance Concepts Late Models



Once again, it is time for season championships as has been done for over 90 years. The year seemed to pass quickly but there is still one more action-packed night of racing left. In all but one series the points remain close and could go several ways.

In an effort to connect with the fans after the races, there will be no heat races this Friday night. This means that drivers have only one chance to give it everything they have for the championship.


Following the features, fans will be invited out to the track to take part in a driver autograph session and games. They have the opportunity to win some prizes and watch the “Champions Celebration” on the stage.


The tightest points’ battle continues to be the Miller Time Hornets Series. Just two points separate Derek Parrott and Dallas Chandler after lapped traffic played a role in Parrott winning last week. The remaining drivers are too far out, and all eyes will be on these two for the final race of the season.

With a 48 point lead in the Anderson Automotive Hobby Stock Series, Jim Hanson has secured the championship. While the features continue to be close and exciting, Hanson always finds a way around the rest of the field, and has won 8 feature races heading into this week with nothing to lose.

Three drivers remain in the chase for the Dublin City Pub Inex Legends championship. Although it will be a tall order for Sammy Smith, who sits 8 points behind leader Austin Slabaugh, it is not an impossible challenge. The closer battle will be between Slabaugh and Dave McCalla, with only 4 points between the two.

After trouble in tech last week for Cory Houdek, the Mountain Dew Sportsmen title hopes for Greg Hentrich increased, but he will need more luck this week to pull it off. Six wins has given Houdek an 11 point advantage meaning it will take some sort of issue to knock him down. This is a possibility as Houdek as lady luck has not been the kindest the past few weeks, but there is no denying Houdek has a fast car.


In the Performance Concepts Late Models, Brian Gibson has pulled ahead slightly over Brad Osborn by just 5 points. With the smaller fields, it will be tough to make that up in just one race, but the battle has been close between Gibson and Osborn all season long. Though they are not in the championship fight, Griffin McGrath and Brody Willett could affect how everything plays


out. McGrath has been lightning fast the last couple weeks, and Willett expects to return to the track for the first time in two months and has two feature wins this year.


The action does not stop Friday night. There are plenty of events at Hawkeye Downs in the next couple months. Make sure to stay tuned on our website for bingo, motocross, trade shows, concerts, and other special events.

The pits open at 4:00 PM, gates at 6:00 PM and racing begins at 7:30 PM.


Hawkeye Downs will again be using in 2017 to notify fans of weather related announcements for the speedway. Sign up at to receive text or email alerts.


This release is not to be copied or changed without proper accreditation from Hawkeye Downs. For more information, please contact

Results- August 11th 2017

(August 11th, 2017 by Caleb Slouha) Yet another wild night of racing brought the championship battles even closer on Friday night, as we head into the final night of racing next week.Hawkeye Downs Speedway

The AIRS Vintage Cars were brought back for one final time this season due to demand from the fans. Hawkeye Downs “Wall of Fame” driver Johnny Spaw led the opening laps of the race, but Craig Stepanek chased him down. With 3 laps to go, the two caught lapped traffic and Stepanek went on the win his second feature of the year here at the Downs.

Tom Blum led the field to the green of the Miller Time Hornets feature and jumped ahead until Troy Scott took charge with 12 to go. Scott would command the field for the next 5 laps until the familiar “01” of Derek Parrott took the lead, but Dallas Chandler was right behind and took the lead 2 laps later. Chandler led the white flag lap, but lapped traffic stunted his run in turn 3, and Parrott went to victory lane.

There were no surprises in the Anderson Automotive Hobby Stocks, as Jim Hanson went to victory lane once again. Jeremy Floyd led much of the race, and looked like he may be able to run away with it until a caution with 9 to go bunched up the field. Floyd would get passed by Hanson and “Bubba” Hall by the checkered flag, but Hall would later get disqualified in post-race tech inspection.

ds disposal logo

The battle remains tight between Austin Slabaugh and Dave McCalla in the Dublin City Pub Inex Legends, and almost saw a huge shift last night. With 18 to go, Slabaugh, Cole O’Brien, and Todd Ness made contact in turn 2. This resulted in Slabaugh having a flat tire and needing to go to the pits, and it was McCalla’s crew who stepped in to change his tire. Slabaugh would go on to finish 6th, and only lose 1 point to McCalla. Brady Rhode took the lead of the race with 8 to go to win his 6th feature of the year.

One of the craziest races of the year took place in the Mountain Dew Sportsmen. A restart with 8 to go meant it was “go time” for the drivers, and CJ VanHorn put the bumper to the leader Cory Houdek, which resulted in him spinning in front of the entire field. Almost every car made contact with another, but were able to continue. Drew Nickell received the most damage. Houdek would go on to hold off VanHorn, but failed tech after the race and giving credit for the win to VanHorn.

Making all the passes on the outside for the second week in a row, Griffin McGrath was hooked up to win his third feature of the year. It was no contest as he pulled away from Brian Gibson and Chad Walen. Gibson and Brad Osborn remain close in points heading into the final race.


1 70 Johnny Spaw
2 77 Craig Stepanek
3 15 Tim Arp
4 5 Brian Gade
5 42 Bruce Yoerger
6 501 Bart Miller
7 51 Scott Moffitt
8 71 Kevin Fauser
9 64 Robin Atkins

Feature (10 laps):

1 77 Craig Stepanek
2 70 Johnny Spaw
3 5 Brian Gade
4 15 Tim Arp
5 501 Bart Miller
6 51 Scott Moffitt
7 71 Kevin Fauser
8 42 Bruce Yoerger
9 64 Robin Atkins


1 3 Dallas Chandler
2 76 Lucas Foster
3 44 Troy Scott
4 84 Elliott Vogel
5 2 Stewart Hall
6 7 Mike Coulborn


1 14 Tom Blum
2 01 Derek Parrott
3 28 Curt Gibbs
4 72 Ethan Parrott
5 13 Rob Aimers

FEATURE (15 laps):

1 01 Derek Parrott
2 44 Troy Scott
3 3 Dallas Chandler
4 76 Lucas Foster
5 14 Tom Blum
6 28 Curt Gibbs
7 72 Ethan Parrott
8 84 Elliott Vogel
9 2 Stewart Hall
10 13 Rob Aimers
11 7 Mike Coulborn




1 5 Bryan Baxter
2 8 Braxton Franks
3 07 Jim Hanson
4 12 Jeremy Floyd
5 60 Jason Sherman
6 43 Quinn O’Brien


1 2 Matt Lacoursiere
2 54 Dale Sherman
3 41 Jasen Freeman
4 57C Corey Ogden
5 4 Kurt Bohnsack
6 11 Brian Bries
7 8K Max Leonard
8 24 Logan Clausen

FEATURE (20 laps):

1 07 Jim Hanson
2 12 Jeremy Floyd
3 4 Kurt Bohnsack
4 24 Logan Clausen
5 41 Jasen Freeman
6 5 Bryan Baxter
7 60 Jason Sherman
8 11 Brian Bries
9 8K Max Leonard
10 57C Corey Ogden
11 54 Dale Sherman
12 1 Scott Siems
13 8 Braxton Franks
14 43 Quinn O’Brien
15 2 Matt Lacoursiere
DQ 88 Gerald Hall



1 12 Sammy Smith
2 6 Austin Slabaugh
3 52 Kevin Korsmo
4 52L Danny Lehmkuhl
5 16 Mer Slabaugh
6 74 Matt Fults
7 37 Gary Dyer
8 95 Josh Carlson
9 59 Marrianne Selfridge


1 4 Brady Rhode
2 25 Cole O’Brien
3 3 Dave McCalla
4 17G Brian Gibson
5 77 Warren Ropp
6 16N Todd Ness
7 9 John Ferden
8 13 Stacy Olson

FEATURE (25 laps):

1 4 Brady Rhode
2 12 Sammy Smith
3 52 Kevin Korsmo
4 3 Dave McCalla
5 25 Cole O’Brien
6 6 Austin Slabaugh
7 17G Brian Gibson
8 77 Warren Ropp
9 52L Danny Lehmkuhl
10 16N Todd Ness
11 16 Mer Slabaugh
12 74 Matt Fults
13 9 John Ferden
14 37 Gary Dyer
15 95 Josh Carlson
16 59 Marrianne Selfridge
17 13 Stacy Olson


1 19 Cory Houdek
2 54 CJ VanHorn
3 25 Greg Hentrich
4 26 Preston Stoecker


1 7 John Johnston
2 9 Dave Ballstaedt
3 87 Drew Nickell
4 12 Brandon Herb
5 11 Mike Mitchell

FEATURE (20 laps):

1 54 CJ VanHorn
2 11 Mike Mitchell
3 25 Greg Hentrich
4 9 Dave Ballstaedt
5 7 John Johnston
6 12 Brandon Herb
7 34 Allen Hanson
8 87 Drew Nickell
9 26 Preston Stoecker
DQ 19 Cory Houdek



1 72 Brad Osborn
2 17 Brian Gibson
3 52W Chad Walen
4 64 Griffin McGrath
5 71 Mark Greb
6 76 Chad Siems
7 43 Scott Siems

FEATURE (20 laps):

1 64 Griffin McGrath
2 17 Brian Gibson
3 52W Chad Walen
4 72 Brad Osborn
5 71 Mark Greb
6 43 Scott Siems
7 76 Chad Siems