Nickell Returns to Victory Lane on Week 2

During the second week of the 2019 season, the fans saw typical front-runners challenge for the lead. However, not a single driver who won during week one was able to make it back to victory lane this week. This has kept the standings close in each of the series, and anything can happen going into the next several weeks.

The Skinny

The Schaeffer Oil Hornets was won by Drew Nickell, who is back in the series this year. After getting passed late last week, Nickell kept the gap between himself and Elliott Vogel to capture the victory. The win put Nickell ahead of Lucas Foster by two points in the standings.

In the Anderson Automotive Hobby Stock Series, youngster Logan Clausen kept Jasen Freeman at bay to get career win #2. Freeman could close the gap by just mere inches each lap, but ran out of time to catch the leader. Jim Hanson holds the point lead over Freeman by 5 points.

The Coca-Cola Sportsmen Series was won by Cory Houdek this week, who got it done over Braxton Franks. The two drivers again had a tight race for the lead, but this time Houdek had the preferred line to get it done. Both drivers are tied heading into week #3.

For Bulltown Legends feature #1, Dave McCalla started at the front after not finishing last week. McCalla crossed the line in first, but was disqualified in post-race tech. This gave Cole O’Brien the victory for the first Legends race of the evening. Austin Slabaugh, who started 12th, finished 2nd.

In the second feature for the Legends Series, McCalla came back with a vengeance, but was unable to make it around Kevin Korsmo before time ran out. Korsmo held onto the bottom line just enough to go back to victory lane for the first time since 2017. The standings have Korsmo leading Austin Slabaugh by two heading to week 3.

Next week is Gazette Free Night, which means admission is free for everyone. Sport Mods will be back, and rumor has it nearly 15 drivers have committed to entering.

Get to Know Our Drivers

We know how much the fans love racing, so it is important for them to get to know the stars that battle each Friday night.

In this new series, we will take a couple minutes with multiple drivers to explore their lives. Each episode will be displayed below as well as on our Youtube channel.

In the third episode, we sit down with Kurt Bohnsack who drives the #4 in the Anderson Automotive Hobby Stock Series.

In the second episode, we sit down with John Ferden who drives the #9 in the Bulltown Legends Series.

Our first interview is with Cory Houdek, driver of the #19 in the Coca-Cola Sportsmen Series.

19- Cory Houdek

City: Marion, IA

Spouse’s Name: Rachel

# Of Children: 3

Date of Birth: 01/18/1984

Job: Houdek Auto Center as Sales Manager


Car Number: 19

Car Color: Red/Black

Body Make: Spaw Monte Carlo


Facebook: Cory Houdek


Goals: Have fun, win as many features as possible, and run with the Mid-Am Series a few times.

Dream Track: Bristol Motor Speedway

Racing Highlights: Several stock car and sportsman championships, 17+ years of racing at Hawkeye Downs.


Sponsors: Houdek Auto Center | Auto Mart | Sperry Engines | Spaw Chassis | Satellites Connected | Sweatshine Auto Detailing | Innovative Signs | Marion Tire Co | Klein Chem Dry | Auto Zone


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