RECAP: Hudspeth Wins Another, Takes Point Lead

Wall of Fame Night has come around once again, bringing the past to meet the present and allowed us to honor some special people that have been a part of Hawkeye Downs over the years. As a tradition, fans also got to see the AIRS Vintage Series along with our other racing series as well.

The Skinny

The Schaeffer Oil Hornet Series was won once again by Drew Nickell, who seems to have things figured out. The battle between Elliott Vogel and Troy Scott remains tense as they are tied once again for the runner-up spot in the points. All eyes will be on the Hornet Series the next month, as you never know who will try to spoil the riches of Nickell in the final races.

In the Anderson Automotive Hobby Stocks, it was a special night for the Clausen camp. Well-known driver, Larry Clausen, came out of retirement and drove to a 3rd place finish while watching his son, Logan, battle for the lead and win his second feature of the season. It was a win that just slipped away from Matt LaCoursiere who looked like he had it early on, but could not hold off Logan.

Fans were on their feet after the Coca-Cola Sportsmen race. At first it looked like Cory Houdek was going to run away with another one, but Braxton Franks closed in just a little bit each lap until he got to the bumper of Houdek. As the two raced with mere laps to go, contact was made, giving Franks just enough momentum to make the pass on the outside, taking the lead. It would be Franks’ second feature win of the season, putting him just 3 points out of the standings lead.

The Cassill Motors Sport Mods saw another new winner head to victory lane this week, Richard Nelson. Nelson started on the front row after the invert, and walked away from the rest of the field during the feature. By the end of the race, Nelson had half a lap on the other cars, leaving them scramble to catch up. The standings have shifted over the past couple weeks, but KC Ansel remains at the top.

For the second time this year, Matt Hudspeth emerged as the winner of the AIRS Vintage Series race. Hudspeth made the pass around Bart Miller mid-race, and was never heard from again. This is the second AIRS feature win in a row at Hawkeye Downs, which has given him a 4-point lead over Scott Fridley.

Next week is the make-up of Gazette Free Night. No tickets are needed, and it is free admission to all. Sport Mods, Legends, Sportsmen, Hornets, and double feature Hobby Stocks are on the schedule.

Photos by Ed Siems

2018 Wall of Fame Inductees Announced

Each year at Hawkeye Downs, a special committee puts to vote a list of notable members of the racing community. These members are honored on our “Wall of Fame” night and inducted into our Wall of Fame which all that have been inducted can be seen upon walking in the front gates.



Last year, we welcomed Sylvia Copler, Randy Lockwood, Blackie Lyons, Curt Martin, and Alan Sheppard in the 2017 class. In 2018 we will proudly be recognizing five more individuals that have been a large part of our racing here.



Bill Schwader- Driver

Dr. A.E. Mayner- Driver

Rick Munson – Motocross Driver

Ed Horn – Engine Builder

Martin Schulte – Engine Builder & Crew Chief.


You can see all five be inducted during the ceremony that will take place on Friday, July 13th along with the AIRS Vintage Series and the other weekly racing series.

Find all of the Wall of Fame Inductees by clicking here: Wall of Fame Inductees

View our most recent 2018 schedule by clicking here: Racing Schedule

Wall of Fame

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Wall of Fame Inductees


Mel Morris
Denny Osborn
Leon Plank
Stan Stover
Larry Eckrich
Penny Eckrich


Bill Schwader
Dr. A.E. Mayner
Rick Munson
Ed Horn
Martin Schulte


Sylvia Copler
“Rockin” Randy Lockwood
Blackie Lyons
Curt Martin
Alan “Gadget” Sheppard


Jim L. Brown
Tony Dean
Dick Hutcherson
Ron Hutcherson
Arnie Juhl
Jim Wittke


Dudley Fleck
James “Jimmy” Funke
P.J. Harrington
Walt Hill
Adam K. Petty


Lee K. Behrens
Shane “Champagne” Carson
“Swervin” Merv Chandler
Virgil Dietz
Dynamic Balancing Company
James J. Pospishill
Don Pospishill


Bill Barthelmes
Merle & Judy Hickey
Al Miller
Ed Otten
John Schlemmer
Keith Siefken
Bill Stepanek
Cedar Rapids Corvette Club


Billy Bennett Jr.
Gordy Blankenship
Lem Blankenship
Sonny Crow
Jerry Epperson
Vince Fiala
Eddie Leavitt
Russ Lyman


Les Burianek
Jim Gerber
Ron Hochstetler
Benny Jamison
Johnny Mudd
Paul L. Newkurk Sr.
Charles “Chopper” Safley
Karl Sanger


Roy D. “Poor Boy” Wilson
Mike “The Flying Dutchman” Niffenegger
Don White
Kevin E. Korsmo
Dick Hobel
John B. Gerber
Brad Loney
Dwayne & Cle Schneider


Gary Crawford
Chub Liebe
Dick Ritchie
Johnny Spaw
Cal Swanson
Jeff Dahn
Jim Patton
Erik Spaw
Ray Spaw
Frank Winkley


John David Beauchamp
Cliff Blundy
Chris Economaki
W. Dale Gegner
Gary “Grumpy” Gramblin
Lu Holland
Larry Kelley
Steve Kosiski
Leo Peiffer
Mike Schulte


William C. Beckman
Engle DeKock
Dale Fischlein
Mike A. Frieden
Mel Kenyon
Glen L. Martin
Emil Merta
John Moss
Michael J. Neilly
Dale A. Snyder


Larry & Kathleen Kemp
Rex & Becky Robbins
Ed Sanger
Jim Heeren
Johnny Rutherford
Arlo Becker
Jim McElreath
Jimmy Kolsto
Lauren “Bumps” Willert
John Connolly


Ray Guss
Bob Hilmer
Howard Langton
Bill McDonaugh
Larry Ryan
John Tibben
Bob Trostle
Ken Wlaton
Mert Williams
Doug Wolfgang


Roger Bear
Dick Benken
Paul Draper
Tom Hearst
Fred Horn
Tom Hughes
Danny Kladis
Buzz Rose
Willard Yates
Bill Zwanziger


Jerry Blundy
Ernie Derr
Roger Dolan
Verlin Eaker
Keith Fleck
Al Frieden
Curt Hansen
Irv Janey
Keith Knaack
Lee Kunzman


Emory Collins
Darrel Dake
Red Droste
Ed Emerson
John Hobel
Doc Hunter
George Miller
Charlie Moffit
Gus Schrader
Ramo Stott