5K Zombie Run

The First Annual "Zombie Run" at Hawkeye Downs on Saturday, October 28th. Don't Chicken Out,  Be There!

Zombie Run 2017

Hawkeye Downs has been infested and is filled with flesh-eating zombies! This is not just any normal 5k run–but a creepy dash around the grounds and through eerie barns. A splendid event for many ages!

Expect to be challenged with obstacles as you race to the finish of the event. This includes:
-Being Chased
-Getting Dirty


Scary Zombie Girls
You’ll find all the creepy zombies at Hawkeye Downs.

Will you be fast enough to outrun the apocalypse? If so, sign up as a runner today!

Want to be the flesh eating undead? Sign up as a zombie today!

Join the fun and don’t run! Sign up to be a volunteer for the event.



Sponsorship & Donor opportunities are available for this ghoulish event. Click for more information.


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Rules (Necessary for maximum fun for all participants)

-Runners will be given “health flags” which they will try to keep as they run. Zombies will attempt to capture these flags from the runners as

they run by.

-Participants must be 14 years or older on race day except for runners in the family wave.

-All participants must finish the race as they signed up. The undead must stay undead, and runners cannot become zombies.

-If a runner becomes infected (loses all of their flags) they do not become a zombie.

-Contact between runners and zombies is not allowed. Violators will be disqualified from the event and be asked to leave the campus.

-Cheating (skipping an obstacle, cutting the course, hiding/blocking your flags, etc) will result in disqualification from the event.

-Runners must wear their racing bib, and it must be showing/not covered at all times.

-Runners may not cover or block their health flags from the zombies.

-Runners may not trade or transfer their health flags with other runners.

-Runners must race during their scheduled wave time. It is recommended to be at the line/in your spot at least 10 mins prior to your wave time.

-Zombies are not allowed to take more than one health flag from a runner in the same wave. This means a person cannot be trapped or cornered with multiple flags taken.

-People who appear intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to participate and may be asked to leave the premises.

-No weapons, metal, or sharp objects are allowed on the event campus.

-No outside food or beverage may be brought on the event campus.